PayCaps – Odoo Payment Gateway

PayCaps provides a reliable and secure payment gateway for Odoo, that is easy to integrate with your odoo eCommerce site, app and ERP software solution. Give an exclusive and alleviated user experience to your consumers with fast and secure Odoo payment gateway integration steered seamlessly for all your users.

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    The best payment gateway for Odoo Platform

    PayCaps is an adaptable and proficient Odoo payment gateway that will empower your business with a smooth transaction and increased business performance. Make faster and safer payment with advanced and secured payment systems from PayCaps. Convielty sends and receives payments in your ERP software, eCommerce store or odoo app with a payment gateway for Odoo. PayCapsOdoo payment gateway integration ensures that you and your customers have an exceptional digital payment experience.


    Swift Payment Processing for Odoo ERP, Odoo Ecommerce & Apps

    • Multiple Payment Methods
      Give your clients a taste of numerous cross-channel payments via a single platform. Let them initiate payments through e-modes to enhance the digital experience better. Accept payments across various modes like e-wallets, cards, QR codes to keep your customers intact.
    • User Friendly
      We value everyone’s time to the fullest. Thus our payment solutions offered are expeditious for your clients to enjoy an effortless experience. We ensure to curb any lags during the payment processing that renders clients satisfaction.
    • Keeping Centralized Database
      Guarantee your customer’s secure transactions with us. The centralizing database will protect your customer’s sensitive payment data. We are a safe payment gateway for Odoo that eliminates the scope of data breaches.
    • Invoicing Options
      Streamline your payment process with an in-built invoice capability. This embedded feature will offer single-click convenience to your customers. The electronic invoicing option will reduce the chances of manual errors and result in higher productivity.
    • AI-Powered Security
      All the detailed reports will be created and maintained to evade any human mistakes. Our AI integration also offers faster report processing and data updating.
      Maintaining systematic and purposeful reports will facilitate smooth access to payment data.

    Reduce Check-Out Time for Increased Customers

    Retain your customers with a lag-free and user-friendly checkout process with the Odoo payment gateway. Since there can be no higher return on investment than saving someone’s time and energy.

    • Boosting brand value through the easier transaction process
    • Offering customers endless payment methods
    • Assuring 24*7 customer support services
    • Proactive checkout procedure
    • Proactive Dashboard
    • Technology integration for higher efficiency

    Customized Payment Gateway Built for Odoo

    Give your customers an efficient payment gateway with us by offering them multiple payment options. You can receive your payment receipts smoothly and also handle your customer database with utmost security.

    • Latest Tech Integration
      Seamlessly incorporate our payment solution with API integration for Odoo payment gateway. Benefit from connectivity across numerous devices and various applications responsiveness.
    • Security
      The payment gateway provider for Odoo will supervise your sensitive customer data with our advanced safety measures. We will provide you with a fraud detection solution and ML-optimized fraud management. We also adhere to the latest industry standards of security compliance.
    • Smart Dashboard
      Experience complete transparency in the transactions entered into digitally with ourOdoo payment gateway. Our smart dashboard will assist you in handling daily receipts or fund settlements without any difficulty smartly. Generate payment settlement reports for making better business decisions and higher conversions.

    Grow Wordlwide

    Grow your business and attain customers on a global forum by integrating our global payment gateway for Odoo. We embrace Real-time currency conversion by expanding your payment gateway solutions to customers across the world.

    • Accepting receipts in different currencies
    • Experience glitch-free payment infrastructure
    • Customized and adaptable payment solutions
    • Stress-free payment conversion
    • Easy payment settlement in own currency
    • Tech integration can never stop

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