PayCaps Features


PayCaps – Payment Gateway Features

Enjoy Seamless and Fast Transactions with PayCaps Payment Gateway

iFrame Integration

Provide your customers with an easy and smooth checkout process. Complete the transaction on the checkout page.

Merchant Hosted Page

Encrypt your page with the latest security protocols. Record the sensitive information and private data of your customers in a centralized system.

Smart Routing

Streamline the order management. Use the smart route to handle rebates. Let this automated solution handle all types of orders efficiently.

Payment Invoicing Links

Create and forward the invoice link to your clients through SMS, email, and other channels. Complete the transaction in one click.

Fraud Management

Prevent fraud activities and ensure the safety of each online transaction. Guarantee safe and fast payment processing to your customers.

Payout API’s

Complete the verification of the bank accounts and simplify the tedious and complex management issues with the PayCaps’ Payouts API.

Multiple Payment Options

Let your customers choose from more than 80 payment options. Accept the payment and get the transaction completed in a single click.

Chargeback Management

Simplify the online transaction and make it a whole lot easier for your customers with our chargeback management feature

Multi-Currency Options

Expand your business on a global level and accept payments in different currencies. Enjoy real-time currency conversion.

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