Payment Gateway for Automotive Industry

Automotive dealers have to face quite a lot of challenges every single day. So, why not make the online payment transfers easier and quicker with our advanced Payment Gateway for Automotive Industry. Processing the online transactions will no longer be hectic with PayCaps payment gateway.

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    Best Payment Gateway for Automotive Industry in UAE

    Automotive dealers have to face quite a lot of challenges every single day. So, why not make the payment transfers easier and quicker with our advanced Payment Gateway for Automotive Industry? Processing the transactions online will no longer be hectic with PayCaps. Integrate the solution in simple steps, streamline your business operations, and ensure your business growth with PayCaps.


    Top Features of PayCaps Payment gateway for Automotive Industry

    • Supports Multiple Payment Options
      Backs almost all the major local and international debit/credit cards and allow e-wallet payment and direct bank transfer. Allow your customers to choose their preferred mode of payment and initiate the transaction effortlessly.
    • Simple Checkout Process with Global Card Saving Feature
      Saves all major cards across different business and enable your regular automotive clients to pay anytime they want, without having to input their card details.
    • A User-friendly Dashboard
      Gather statistics and get an insight into the settled payments, refunds, and other necessary transactions from a convenient and customized dashboard.
    • Built for Developers
      Enjoy an extensive range of plugins, extensions, and libraries that support multiple languages. Focus on expanding your small automotive outlet while our payment gateway takes care of your regular transactions.
    • High-end Security
      Let your clients enjoy the best security features with our Automotive payment processing solution. Say goodbye to the ‘payment failure’ or ‘inappropriate card details issues’ with PayCaps.

    Easy Checkout

    Render high-quality automotive services and provide your customers with a simple checkout process with PayCaps. The system saves all the major global cards and allows your clients to initiate payments without having to submit their financial details every time.

    • Higher conversion rates
    • Build a brand reputation with a top-notch UI
    • Global cards saving capacity
    • A unique and personalized transaction experience to all clients
    • Native OTP
    • Smooth integration process without technical coding requirements

    A Robust dashboard for Better Control

    Manage the invoices for the rendered services, due payments, settled transactions, virtual accounts, transfers, and refunds on a neat and customized dashboard.

    • Get an Insight Your Automotive Firm’s Performance
      Make smart business decisions by getting an insight into the daily, weekly, and monthly transactions. Develop your future business strategies according to the current statistics and management reports.
    • Easy to Use
      Enjoy the utmost speed and transparency in your online transactions with our payment gateway solution for the automotive industry. Leverage its easy-to-use functionalities and operate the system like a pro.
    • The Fastest and Smoothest Integration
      Designed for developers, integration of the payments with PayCaps is a hassle-free and quick job. Integrate all your transactions with our automotive payment gateway solution within a matter of minutes.

    Globalize Your Business

    Take your business to the next level. Let the system manage multiple currencies and offer real-time currency conversion benefits, while you focus on your firm’s productivity.

    • Display National Currency
    • Get real-time currency conversion benefits
    • Settle the payments in your preferred currency
    • Accepts international and local cards
    • Support over 92 currencies
    • Hassle-free integration process

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    We Offer Online Payment Solutions for Different Businesses & Industries

    Being a renowned payment gateway provider in UAE we have helped so many businesses and industries in UAE and the Middle East. Here’s the list of businesses and industries we have helped to accept online payments fast and securely with PayCaps payment gateway.