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If your eCommerce store is on Shopify, then having a payment gateway with local payment methods of UAE & the Middle East is important for a better conversion rate. At PayCaps we are offering the best payment gateway for Shopify to receive online payments faster & safely in the online world. PayCaps is the best Shopify payment gateway for online stores in UAE.

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    Best Payment Gateway for Shopify Online Stores in UAE

    PayCaps has always been setting up good standards and never letting it down. It is a global payment platform that is trusted by various people and business owners. PayCaps is one of the best payment gateway for shopify. Things have not just stopped locally, but there is a global stretch in the services that we offer. We aim at helping you with great conversions and increasing the number of customers for your business with the satisfaction they get through the payment platform.


    A Smoother Management Of Online Payments

    • Allow All Major Cards and Payment Methods
      Let your customers process the payment in their preferred banking method – be it through direct bank transfer or e-wallet payments. Embrace this digital payment portal and enjoy the smoothest and fastest transaction ever.
    • Global Card Saving
      Save the card details of your customers and make it easier for them to make the payment quickly the next time they visit your store.
    • A Clean Dashboard
      Gather all sorts of transaction details from a neat dashboard. From statistics to your insight, collect all reports on the dashboard. Make your important business decisions based on these stats.
    • Developer-Friendly Interface
      Enjoy a clear-cut and developer-friendly interface that’s specifically designed to help developers streamline their regular transactions.
    • Tight Security
      Guarantee 100% safe transactions to your customers with PayCaps. Leverage the dedicated internal security team and ensure secure and safe transactions round the clock.

    Flash Checkout

    Retain your customers by streamlining the online payment process with our PayCaps Shopfy Payment Gateway. Save your customer’s time by eliminating the need for typing card details every time they shop from your shopify online store.

    • Ensure high conversions
    • Native OTP
    • 4 million+ global cards saved
    • Simple integration steps
    • A unique and personalized transaction experience
    • Boost your brand reputation with a customized user interface

    Get Full Control Over Your Business with Smart dashboard

    Handle orders, refunds, payment settlements and other crucial elements with PayCaps. Enjoy the smoother management of your online store with a smart dashboard.

    • Collect Stats
      Generate high-quality and precise payment settlement reports by gaining quick insights into your online store. Make better business decisions. Grow your ROI and annual revenue by getting more conversions and retaining a large number of clients.
    • Simple to Operate
      Enjoy the utmost speed and transparency in your online transactions with our payment gateway solution for the shopfy online stores. Leverage its easy-to-use functionalities and operate the system like a pro.
    • Quick Integration
      Integrating all your payments with PayCaps is a super simple task. You don’t need to be a tech expert to integrate transactions with the payment gateway. Collect the payments and integrate them with the software following simple steps.

    Go Global with PayCaps

    Grow your business to the international levels by integrating PayCaps shopify payment gateway. Receive payments from global customers and convert them into your native currency.

    • Enjoy hassle-free currency conversion
    • Support 92+ currencies
    • Accept global cards
    • Settle payments in your local currency
    • Display your native currency
    • Quick and simple integration process

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