PayCaps – Payment Gateway Solution for School, Colleges, & Educational Institutes


Grow your school, college and educational institute by integrating PayCaps payment gateway solution to collect fees, disburse expenses, and make payments with the most convenient method – digital payments. The future of payments with easy integration, entirely online on boarding, and fast & secure online payment processing for the educational industry in UAE.

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    Best Payment Gateway Provider for School, Colleges & Educational Industry In UAE

    Collecting fees is a common problem for schools, universities, and other educational institutions. Simplify your fee collection with PayCaps by giving parents and donors a straightforward and
    hassle-free payment method.


    PayCaps Top Features to Automate Online Fee Collection

    Allowing a bad payment experience to overshadow the excellent user experience you have put into the rest of your educational institute's payment platform is a mistake. With single PayCaps<br /> integration, you can provide your school or college with a smooth payment processing solution.

    • All payment modes:
      Customers will be able to choose from a variety of cards. Allow them to select cards from all the major national and international cards.
    • Smart features:
      Regular security audits are performed on PayCaps, and all the payments are followed by PCI DSS. Our auto-debit features, designed specifically for use-cases like schools and colleges that receive recurring payments.
    • Easy to use Dashboard:
      With our extensive insights and real-time data, you can stay up to date with pending fees and in and out transactions. Produce accurate reports and carry out management activities with ease.
    • Payment Links:
      You can create and distribute easy-to-use payment links in case of failed transactions.
    • Automatic Scheduler:
      You will never keep being concerned about yielding a payment again. With ease, set up automated schedulers for required payments such as paychecks, campus rent, and utility bills.

    Fast & Secure Checkouts:

    Our Payment Gateway for the educational industry will help you retain students by simplifying the online payment procedure. Eliminate the need for your students to type their credit card information every time they pay at your school or college by saving them time.

    • Quick & Secure Checkout
    • Secure with OTP
    • Supports Multiple cards
    • Global Cards Saving Capacity
    • A unique and personalized transaction experience for all clients.
    • With a personalized user interface, you may improve your education industry reputation.

    PayCaps Payment Gateway Offerings for the Education Industry:

    PayCaps diverse digital payment solutions for schools & colleges are customized to match the demands of your educational institution, allowing you to accept and manage large fee amounts with ease.

    • Standing Instructions:
      Standing Instructions allow the institution to debit a certain recurring sum allowed by the parents regularly. According to the institute’s timetable, it ensures that fees are collected on time and without error.
    • Point of Sale Payments:
      Our point-of-sale terminals have a low initial investment and low operating costs, allowing you to accept credit and debit card payments from practically all banks.
    • Customized Payment Options:
      Schools can choose the alternatives that work best for them, whether it is collecting one-time payments, regular dues, and payments over the phone, or a combination of methods.
    • Seamless Mobile experience:
      Schools will change more parents and alumni to donors through an optimized mobile experience planned for how people pay today.
    • Built-in-Security:
      PCI DSS certification, DDOS mitigation, Web Application Firewall, AI Powered fraud detection are included for the most comprehensive fraud stack and risk management solution.

    Accept International Payments:

    Integrate PayCaps international payment gateway for educational industries to expand your education industry to new heights. Take payment from your international students and convert it into your home currency.

    • Convert currencies with ease.
    • Support for 92+ currencies is available.
    • Accept all major credit cards
    • Make payments in your native currency.
    • Make your native currency visible.
    • The process of integration is quick and straightforward.

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