Create Own Payment Gateway with PayCaps White Label Payment Gateway Solution


This is an era of digitalization and technology is reaching heights across all the sectors. Also, online payments have raised a pace over these years. The digital world has made it mandatory for every organization to have a payment gateway. Thus, it even brings an increase in demand for the payment gateway.

The new concept of white label payment gateway has brought a great change in the world of digital payments and is still evolving.

A framework that allows their clients to process payment under their brand name is a white label payment gateway. Clients to process payments can use their business label with the white label payment gateway solution. With the white label payment gateway solution companies can improve their image and reputation and help them to get more clients.

A white label payment gateway allows companies to put their brand name on the product that is developed by a third party. It provides opportunities to the reseller in offering the product or service without spending the necessary resources.

What You Get with PayCaps White Label Payment Gateway

  • A gateway that companies get with their brand name
  • You get professionally trained – related to software and product innovation and other updates
  • Get control over many aspects of the product. This includes sales and marketing also
  • More affordable and less time-wasting than options available

Who Needs a White Label Payment Gateway Service?

  • Ecommerce service providers
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Independent sales organizations
  • Acquiring banks and acquirers
  • Large multi-tier organizations
  • Franchises
  • ISVs

Benefits of Using PayCaps White Label Payment Gateway Platform

Here are the top benefits of using white label payment gateway offered by PayCaps.

  • Enhance brand value

Brand equity is the financial value that your brand adds to your company. With the help of the white label payment platform solution, you will be able to maximize your brand equity. This will also provide a competitive edge to your business. Having this processing solution helps you in improving customer loyalty.

  • Reasonably priced

White label solutions offered by PayCaps are reasonably priced and act as an easy way to save your money. Outsourcing will provide you with the best quality work within a limited time. When you get the ready-made white label payment solutions from your white label payment service provider, there is no need for you to work on things from scratch.

  • PCI Compliance

The white label payment processing system is secure. It has non-stop data centre monitoring which ensures top-class security. All these features make your customer feel safe and completely rely on you while sharing their data.

The things mentioned above will help in building the company image.

  • Statistical and financial reports

PayCaps provide statistical and financial reports at regular intervals. Our services will check whether the real-time statistical reports are authentic or not.

  • Success sharing

Your success is your white label provider’s success. This will make your provider happier. Therefore sharing success is made possible with the white label solutions.

  • Social marketing and reputation management

PayCaps, by using these methods, helps in cross-promoting your products across different online platforms. In the modern digital climate positive reputation plays a crucial role.

Social marketing is the next big thing after reputation management. This can increase traffic from other sources.

The bottom line

White Label payment gateway solution has opened a new door for the PSP and the acquirers. For companies, brand recognition is a huge concern. Seeing your logo will create significant customer loyalty and will surely build confidence in your customer.

Our white label payments gateway solutions will incorporate payments effortlessly and will keep the user experience consistent.