PayCaps Payment Gateway Plugin for Odoo Platform Integration


Now Integrate Odoo Platform with PayCaps Easily with Our Odoo Payment Gateway Integration Plugin


Dubai, 28th February 2022: PayCaps has developed an integration plugin facilitating users to integrate their Odoo platform solution and services with the PayCaps payment gateway.

Odoo platform is popular for offering services to build an eCommerce store, ERP / CRM Software and apps, Odoo ensures businesses have an eCommerce store. It also provides ERP software for organizations. The Odoo modules can be integrated with PayCaps to accept online payments fast and securely.

PayCaps payment gateway solution built an odoo integration plugin that will enable hassle-free online payment set-up for merchants ERP software solutions, eCommerce store or app to accept online payments fast & securely, with smart dashboard and insight reports for a holistic online business experience.

Odoo’s mission is to give diverse business applications forming a complete suite of tools to ensure any business needs. The firm provides millions of companies access to software and expand their business. It has already developed 30 main applications and has a community of 1500 active members, having contributed about 16000+apps. With over 500,000 users globally both in nascent stages to large enterprises, Odoo enables a smooth and friendly user experience built to ensure seamless adoption.

The integration of the Odoo platform with the PayCaps odoo payment gateway will ensure synergies for the two and expand seamless offerings for a large number of people.

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