5 Primary Factors that Increasing Online Payments in Dubai UAE


The recent increase in the global payments across the world and the overall growth has increased in eCommerce transactions done in the Middle East. The global growth in online payments has been driven by CEMEA (Central Europe, Middle East and Africa) & Emerging Asia, the maximum number of online payments is made in the UAE which plays an important role in being the biggest contributor to growth in eCommerce and online payments.

Here are some of the factors that increasing online payments in UAE and Middle East:

Increased Usage of Cards

The number of cards that are used in online transactions has increased by 10% of all transactions in the UAE and many of the transactions are performing online.

Increasing Tourism

The UAE attracts many tourists each year and thus always pays online for most of their services including flights and hotels booking.

Increase in Online Shoppers

The UAE now has a big population that prefer to buy and sell online in this digital world. A large population in UAE is more tech-friendly and performing online purchases.

Macro-Economic Scenarios

Increasing oil prices means that the country is diversifying its economy and laying more focus on new age sectors like e-commerce. Higher internet rates and smartphone penetration across the country has improved online payments and demand of payment gateway providers in UAE.

Demographic Dividend

The UAE has a relatively young population and almost 1/4 of the population living here is below 24 years of age. Though it appears as no wonder that a significant amount of the population in the UAE use online payment methods and pay online.

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