5 Easy Steps to Launch a Successful Ecommerce Business in UAE


In this modern digital world, no business is left that doesn’t have an online presence. Businesses these days look for the best online channels to reach more audiences. It’s important that, if you have an eCommerce business idea, you must launch your online business quickly before someone else grasp the opportunity. Hence you must know some important things about the eCommerce business set up before you launch it. From selecting a platform to build your online store to select a payment gateway partner and many other factors that you need to know before you launch your eCommerce store in UAE.

Select a Platform to Build Your eCommerce Store

Many online sellers prefer to sell their products via third-party eCommerce sites which takes time to understand the platform’s guidelines and optimizing the available resources to showcase your offerings. While many businesses prefer using their custom-built eCommerce store to the target audience through it. Each option has its pros and cons. Though you can save on commission and build your brand by creating your own eCommerce store using WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart etc.

Optimize Your Site for UI & UX

The design plays an important role in letting your customers know about your products while developing a storefront. Pay detailed attention to user experience, colours, font, logo, and web designing while making your eCommerce store. You can’t predict much at the time of launching but people who use superior designs get more business as compared to the ones who use dull or outdated designs. For that, you can hire professionals who offer eCommerce solutions to make your site friendly for user experience and user interface.

Select a Trusted Payment Gateway Provider

Imagine what will happen in case your customers are ready to buy your products but they are not able to do the transaction successfully. This might result in switching people to other online stores. That’s why you have to partner with a payment gateway provider that offers modern payment methods. Thus it is imperative to choose the best eCommerce payment gateway provider and ensure that they are responsible for both security and compliance.

Things to consider while finalizing payment gateway in uae

Price: Payment gateways usually charge per transaction or take monthly charges. Some have set up an initial setup fee as well.

Actual process: Look out the demo for the eCommerce payment gateway on their site and check how many leaps are needed by the customers to complete a single transaction.

Support: Look for customer support as this is something that will help in case of any issues related to returns, refunds and complaints.

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

As an eCommerce business, you must know the basics of digital marketing services like SEO Services, PPC Marketing, Social media marketing (SMM) and other online marketing ways. Ecommerce Businesses have to do marketing to promote their online store. Even for third-party listings marketing plays an important role in letting your customers know about your products and spread brand awareness.

Test and Launch

Before launching your eCommerce store you have to test your store to check if there’s an issue. Check your store for UI, UX and see how online payments working on your store. You can also ask your reliable friends, business partners, relatives who can check your site performance and shared honest feedback, so you can make the required changes if any.

So these are the 5 Easy Steps that you have to follow to launch s successful eCommerce business.

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